Undergrad Degree Plan Change

2017-04-01 02:22:00



Please be advised of the following recent pre-requisite course changes to the undergraduate degree plan:

Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2324 or 2323 and 2325) are now pre-requisites for:
-BMEN 3315 (Thermodynamics & Physical Chemistry)
-BMEN 4360 (Biomaterials & Medical Devices)

CS 1324 is now a pre-requisite for:
-BMEN 3320 (Eletctrical & Electronic Circuits)

Physiology Lab (BMEN 3130) is now a pre-requisite for:
-BMEN 4388 (Senior Design I)

If you are a rising junior or senior, you are grandfathered into the previous degree plan and can override these pre-requisite requirements. However, this override process for any of the above courses must be done in-person with an academic adviser during your registration appointment. Please remember that advising appointments cannot be made for the next 2 weeks. Good luck with registration!

Spring 2018 Career Fair

BMES at UTD is happy to announce the Spring 2018 Intern/Career fair, which will occur on February 16.

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