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Learn from a sophomore, junior, and senior what to expect in your coming years here at the University of Texas at Dallas within the Biomedical Engineering major. This is a great opportunity to plan your schedule for nex…

  • JSSEC, Synergy Park North
    3000 Waterview Pkwy
    Richardson, TX 75080

    SPN 2.220
    SPN 1.2

  • Hours

    All students
    [to be extended to 11:00 pm]

    ACCESS 24/7
    UTDesign EPICS
    UTDesign Capstone
    ECS student officers

    Closed; check for updates

  • Email us at

The Jonsson School Student Enrichment Center (JSSEC) encompasses a workspace for engineering projects, meeting and collaboration rooms, and tutoring for BME classes. JSSEC is provided for technical organizations and ECS students as a common area for studying, meetups, and events.

Find us on the second floor of Synergy Park North Monday through Friday!

Fall 2018 Tutoring available for these courses:

BMEN 2320 Statics

ENGR 3300 Advanced Engineering Math (also supported via SSC Peer Tutoring)

BMEN 3320 Electrical and Electronic Circuits

BMEN 4310 Feedback Systems in Biomedical Engineering

EE 3302 Signals and Systems

BMEN 3315 Thermodynamics and Physical Chemistry (via SSC Peer Tutoring)

Apply to be a Tutor:

Interested in becoming a tutor? There is no required time commitment and you can help a fellow BMEN student whenever you have time!

Please fill out the form to apply

Once we get your reply, you will receive an email with more details and we will update the calendar with your information. We also ask that once you complete a session to fill out this form to help us keep track of things!

If you have any questions please contact us via email ( or

Scheduling an Appointment:

To schedule an appointment, please go to the calendar below and find a time during which one of our tutors is available. Please click on the specified time and see in the “details” how to contact the tutor for you to work out the specific time and place!

If this is your first time with this tutor, please use the following format when contacting them:

           "Hi [tutor name] my name is [name] and I would like to schedule a tutoring appointment 

            with you from [time ~ time] for [course]. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!"

Please note that if you have a specific place you would like to meet, please indicate so when reaching out to the tutor (ex. could we meet at [place]?). If not, please ask the tutor where they would prefer to meet! Hint: JSSEC is typically available!

Please respect and keep in mind that tutors have the right to refuse appointments, so make them ASAP!

For courses supported by SSC Peer Tutoring:

Map of Synergy Park North

Latest updates

Spring 2018 Career Fair

BMES at UTD is happy to announce the Spring 2018 Intern/Career fair, which will occur on February 16.

Volunteer for Earth Day!

Earth Day is coming up and BMES is going to be doing their part by participating in the Richardson Annual Trash Bash this year!